One Girl; 3 activities

a Nanny + a Housekeeper + a Cook. 

  One Girl; 3 activities: a Nanny + a Housekeeper + a Cook.

In 6 minutes one can do a lot, divide her time in 6 minutes slots and try no to waste any of them. It will create a very productive, elegant and constructive enviroment, something you can feel. .

We want to be your best friend. A friend of the Family.

Inexpensive, Faster, Better on your terms.

We are up to the most difficult task we can prove our value to you every single day we can rise to your high standard.

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All our expertise of more than 3 decades is at your service. We will be helping you all the way.

Child Care

Our nannies know how to raise good children.

Hands on Teaching

By giving little goals to all, they will keep improving their rush to live.

Multi-Day Care

Planing ahead you will save

Peace Of Mind

Everything at home is under control.

We Come to You

No need to take your children away from home.

Award Winning Service

We are the only Nanny Agency cleared by the BBB.

One Pricing Many Benefits

 Choose and match accommodations  depending on your lifestyle. Continuous education is available for your Nanny to keep her up to date on new children development techniques plus CPR and First Aid . Sharing your nanny with Family, neighbors and friends will save you more.

Open Communication, Direct Instructions

Your smart phone keep you in touch at all the times.elit

Having a daily plan will help you reach your long lasting personal and professional goals faster.

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